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Starting with our core, we are replacing the conventional composition of our Magic Collection with more sustainable fibres in each product. An action only contributing to the longevity of the classic styles, designed to last and stand the test of time. Moving forward, we are committed to increasing the percentage of the more sustainable fibres used in our four seasonal collections.


Materials we use


Organic cotton

Our organic cotton is farmed and grown without any use of chemicals, pesticides, and defoliants. Organic cotton is much better for the farmers as well as for you and the environme

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from ocean

Recycled polyester

Using recycled pet plastic bottles, the process involves washing, color sorting, cutting into flakes, melting, and creating new yarns. This innovative process not only reduces waste but also promotes sustainability in the textile industry.

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from old clothing

sustainable approach

Our recycled cotton originates from yarn scraps obtained from spinning mills. The incorporation of partly recycled cotton in our garments assists in decreasing water, chemicals, and energy usage. This sustainable approach not only reduces environmental impact but also promotes a more responsible production process.

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